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Are you considering filing for divorce or having any family law matters?

In these days, it is a sad fact to realize that not every marriage will end successfully or last long. Statistics across the board show an uphill swing in the divorce trend, more and more marriages ending prematurely. When you are involved in a divorce or any other family law situations like this, however, it is not as impersonal as a simple statistics. It is painful, and for many people, it is after an extended period of suffering and emotional distress. Divorce, then, is not something simple or easy, and rather carries with it the ability to turn painful. When you are considering filing for divorce, or if you have already been processed with divorce papers, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced and loyal San Jose divorce and family law attorney to assist you through the process as painlessly as possible.

San Jose Divorce and Family Law Attorney: Key Areas of Practice

We at Garry Barbadillo Law Offices are compassionate to the clients’ torment and suffering that accompanies divorce process, and devoted to ensure that our clients are assisted in every way possible to ease their pain. We are able to offer our legal guidance and advice in every aspect of the divorce process from a contested divorce to an uncontested divorce – including high net worth cases, domestic partnership dissolution and military divorces. Even if children are involved, you will be able to be confident knowing that we will be there to help you deal with issues such as child custody, child visitation and child support.

We recognize the emotional part of divorces and we are prepared to help our clients with compassionate and complete assistance when it is needed the most. We will not be satisfied with generic or basic advice – instead, we will be prepared to offer our clients knowledgeable and professional representation in issues that range from parental alienation to domestic violence and orders of protection. Some other areas of the family law that we are able to assist with include:

We are also available to help with issues that occur before the marriage or long after the divorce is final. From prenuptial agreements to modifications, we have proven to be true advocates for the rights of our clients. Should be interested in a relocation / move away case or need assistance with an enforcement of orders, you will be able to trust in our ability and our desire to help.

Role of a San Jose Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Your future, and the future of your family, is a matter to be taken seriously. Issues regarding divorce and family law are often complex and puzzled with emotional complications. For this reason, it is very important that you give yourself the edge you deserve. If you choose to work with an attorney from our firm, you can feel relieved knowing that your case and your rights are being protected by completely trustworthy divorce family law attorney at the Garry Barbadillo Law Offices in San Jose.

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